Freedom and Industry

Freedom Gives Birth to IndustryFreedom gives birth to industry.  Industry gives birth to freedom.  An infinite creative cycle.  At least that's how I remember Rick telling it.

I've known Rick Bates for my entire adult life.  He has been a major influence on my personal philosophy and esthetics, although we've never discussed these topics.  I love visiting him in his private studio.  It's more than the paintings that move me, the environment amongst the gardens and synthesizers where everything is artistically modified, is downright intoxicating.  Among the breath-taking paintings, there is a ballerina...   After being under the spell of the ballerina for at least seven years, I asked  Rick to paint me a ballet dancer.  I got two dancers for the price of one; Freedom and Industry.  

Shortly after Rick delivered Freedom Gives Birth to Industry, our house burned to the ground in a wildfire.  Before evacuating, we put the painting in and old car to ride out the fire, as the van was full with children and critters.  When we returned to what used to be our house, we saw the car was melted but still in tact.  Inside there they were; safe sound and a little darker than before.

I believe we are afforded certain freedoms.  How we spend those freedoms are as precious as consciousness itself.  It is how the reality our consciousness lives in is created.  When freedom is put to constructive use it returns good things.  This sacred cycle has led me to some amazing people.  Through this blog I'd like to introduce you to some of them.  

In Spanish there are two separate verbs for the English verb "to know".  "Saber" means to have an intellectual understanding; to read the ingredients on a bar of soap.  "Conocer" means to have experiential understanding; to wash your body with that bar of soap. 

This blog will give you and opportunity to "saber" them.  Our online store allows you to "conocer" them. 

Until next time, here's a video of some amazing folks we love, down in good ole Aoateroa.