Jasmine Ceremony Soap - 5oz Bar

Jasmine Ceremony Soap - 5oz Bar

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Jasmine Ceremony Soap is topped with organic jasmine flowers that are splashed with jasmine absolute in jojoba oil.  This bar is infused with all of the antioxidant benefits of organic green jasmine tea, matcha, organic chlorella powder, and organic moringa powder.  This bar also has some really yummy skin loving oils including organic rice bran and cold pressed green tea seed oil.  These gorgeous oils have been used for centuries in Japan to enhance beauty.

Ingredients: organic green jasmine tea infusion, organic matcha tea infusion, jasmine flower infusion, organic cold pressed coconut oil, organic extra virgin olive oil, raw organic unrefined shea butter, cold pressed organic avocado oil, food grade sodium hydroxide, organic cold pressed green tea seed oil (camellia), organic cold pressed rice bran oil, organic castor oil, organic dried jasmine flowers, jasmine samabac floral wax , jasmine gradiflorium floral wax, white kaolin clay, organic moringa powder, organic chlorella powder, raw organic cane sugar

The bar is 10% superfat which means that those beautiful oils are available to your skin.  All of those free floating, skin loving oils can inhibit lather, which is why I add sugar to my soap.

I use Organic/Wildcrafted cold pressed oils in my soap when possible and food grade sodium hydroxide. 

Jasmine Ceremony

Jasmine in the Moonlight

Jasmine breaking dawn

Wafting through the temple 
Monks chanting 
Scent and sound 
Crafted by soapmaker K. Wilson