Tata Kachora Long Life Tincture - 2oz

Tata Kachora Long Life Tincture - 2oz

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"I have been using this mixture since I was 36 years old. I started using it because my father used it every morning and night. He told me to learn the wisdom of these plants and I would feel great vitality and my ailments would go away. I am 105 years old and keep using it!” - Tata Kachora

A Proprietary Blend of: Kokehak, Tsunkal, Zabakche, Kok, Miixkok, Jayacastle, Chullche, Pimpinea, Lagazza in a tincture of 50% distilled water, 30% organic pure cane alcohol and 20% organic vegetable glycerin

Suggested Use: 10-15 Drops Twice Daily - morning and evening

Formulated by Doctor del Campo Tata Kachora